2004 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

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Model Year2004
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- 241 pages
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2004 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual SKU UPC Model
Kathryn on Apr 27, 2015. I'm having nothing but trouble

I bought this used and the battery isn't completely dead but it won't start and my key won't work in the trunk to get to the spare tire, because I also have a flat.

Richard JACKSON on Feb 15, 2014.

good review

User and Operator’s Manual for 2004 Hyundai Elantra. Engine Type 2.0 DOHC CVVT and 2.0 SULEV with 2.0 L 4 Cylinder in-lines DOHC. 4 and 5 Door models. Free PDF Service and Owner’s Manual.

Table of contents
Features of your Hyundai
Driving your Hyundai
What to do in an emergency corrosion prevention & appearance care
Section vehicle maintenance requirements
Do-it-yourself maintenance
Emission control systems
Consumer information & reporting safety defects
Vehicle specifications

1. Panel Brightness Control Knob (If installed)
2. TCS Switch (If installed)
3. Trip Computer Switch (If installed)
4. Multi-Function Light Switch
5. Horn and Driver’s Airbag (If installed)
6. Windshield Wiper/Washer Switch
7. Digital Clock
8. Audio System (If installed)
9. Heating/Air Conditioning Control Panel
10. Cigarette Lighter
11. Power Outlet
12. Passenger’s Airbag
13. Glove Box
14. Hood Release Lever
15. Multi Box
16. Cruise Control Switch (If installed) 17.Front Ashtray
18. Shift Lever (If installed)
19. Parking Brake
20. Console Box (If installed)
21. Rear Ashtray

! CAUTION: When installing a container of liquid air freshener inside the vehicle, do not place it near the instrument cluster nor on the instrument panel surface. If there is any leakage from the air freshener onto these areas (Instrument cluster, instrument panel or air ventilator), it may damage these parts. If the liquid from the air freshener does leak onto these areas, wash them with water immediately.

SRS (Airbag) Service Reminder Indicator
Trunk Lid /Tail Gate Open Warning Light
ABS Service Reminder Indicator Door Ajar Warning Light and Chime
Turn Signal Indicator Lights Low Fuel Level Warning Light
High Beam Indicator Light Cruise Indicator Light (If Installed)
Low Oil Pressure Warning Light Set Indicator Light (If Installed)
Parking Brake/Low Brake Fluid Level Warning Light
Front Fog Indicator Light (If Installed)
Charging System Warning Light Malfunction Indicator Light

Seat Belt Warning Light Traction Control Indicator Light (If Installed)
* More detailed explanations of these items will be found beginning on page 1-45.
Fuel Recommendations. 1-21
Breaking in Your New Hyundai. 1-3
Keys. 1-3
Door. 1-4
Theft-Aalarm System. 1-8
Window. 1-11
Seat. 1-12
Seat Belts. 1-18
Child Restraint System. 1-24
Advanced Supplemental Restraint (AIRBAG) System 1-32
Instrument Cluster and Indicator. 1-41
Warning and Indicator Lights. 1-45
Multi-Function Light Switch. 1-54 1
Windshield Wiper/Washer Switch. 1-56

Sunroof. 1-63
Mirror. 1-67
Hood Release. 1-71
Cruise Control. 1-77
Heating and Cooling Control. 1-80
Stereo Sound System. 1-98
Audio System. 1-100
Antenna. 1-127

Source: Hyundai Motor America

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