2010 Cadillac CTS CTS-V Sport Sedan Wagon Navigation Manual

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Navigation System manual for 2010 Cadillac CTS/CTS-V. Read this manual thoroughly to become familiar with how the navigation system operates.
Keeping your eyes on the road and your mind on the drive is important for safe driving. The navigation system has built-in features intended to help do this. Some features may be disabled while driving. Note that these functions are grayed-out. A grayed-out function indicates it is not available when the vehicle is moving.


Infotainment System. 3
Configure Menu. 62
Introduction . 3
Global Positioning System (GPS). 70
Overview. 4
Vehicle Positioning. 70
Radio. 12
Problems with Route AM-FM Radio. 12
Guidance. 71
Satellite Radio. 17
If the System Needs Service. 72
Audio Players. 20
Ordering Map DVDs. 72
CD/DVD Player. 20
Database Coverage MP3. 26
Explanations. 72
Hard Drive Voice Recognition. 72
Device (HDD). 30
Speech Recognition. 72
Auxiliary Devices. 35
Navigation. 41

Index. i-1

Using the Navigation
System. 41
Maps. 43
Navigation Symbols. 45
Destination. 50
= = =
= = =

Database Coverage Explanations

Coverage areas vary with respect to the level of map detail available for any given area. Some areas feature greater levels of detail than others. If this happens, it does not mean there is a problem with the system. As the map data is updated, more detail may become available for areas which previously had limited detail. See Ordering Map DVDs.

Voice Recognition

Speech Recognition

The navigation system’s speech recognition allows for hands-free operation of navigation and
audio system features.
Speech recognition can be used when the ignition is on or when Retained Accessory Power (RAP) is active. See “Retained Accessory Power (RAP)” in the Index of the vehicle’s owner manual for more information.

Using Speech Recognition

1. Push and hold the talk symbol steering wheel control until a beep is heard. The audio system mutes.
While in the navigation screens, the system displays a symbol (|) while the speech recognition is active.
2. Clearly state one of the
commands listed under
Speech Help.

Canceling Speech Recognition

Press the Mute/Voice button while using speech recognition. Press this button again to turn speech recognition back on.


1. Press the INFO hard key to enter the menu options, press the INFO key repeatedly until Speech Help is selected or touch the Speech Help screen button.
2. Touch the Overview screen button. Available features in the system gives explanation of how to use the feature. A list of questions/categories display.
3. Touch the question/category to learn how to use speech recognition.
A command may be invalid if it does not recognize the command or if it cannot perform the command due to not being in an appropriate area for that command, the system states “Invalid Command”.


Press the INFO hard key to enter the menu options, press the INFO key repeatedly until Speech Help is selected or touch the Speech Help screen button. Touch one of the following command categories to view the list of speech commands for that category.
Common Commands: These commands are available anytime.
Top Level Commands: All
commands can be stated at each main menu.
Map Commands: Available when the map screen is displayed. When a split screen, Audio/Map, is displayed, the map commands are not
Guidance Commands: Available when driving on a route.
Radio Commands: Available when listening to AM or FM stations or XM™ (if equipped) channels.
Disc Commands: Available when a CD, MP3, or DVD is loaded.
HDD (Hard Drive) Commands: Available when listening to music or audio books that are on the hard drive.
AUX (Auxiliary Device)
Commands: Available when an auxiliary device is being used.


Wikipedia’s page for Cadillac CTS
Publisher: cadillac.com

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