2002 Mazda Tribute Owners Manual

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Model Year2002
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karen pullins on Dec 20, 2012. 4

Table of Contents Introduction Instrument Cluster Warning and control lights Gauges 3 10 10 16 Entertainment Systems AM/FM stereo with CD 19 19 Climate Controls Manual heating and air conditioning 50 50 Lights Headlamps Turn signal control Bulb replacement 54 54 56 57 Driver Controls Windshield wiper/washer control Steering wheel adjustment Power windows Speed control 62 62 65 67 69 Locks and Security Keys Locks Anti-theft system Seating and Safety Restraints Seating Safety restraints Air bags Child restraints 87 87 98 109 118 Driving Starting Brakes 130 130 134 1 Table of Contents Transmission operation Vehicle loading Trailer towing 139 157 160 Roadside Emergencies Hazard flasher switch Fuel pump shut-off switch Fuses and relays Jump starting Wrecker towing 165 167 167 168 180 186 Customer Assistance Reporting safety defects (U.S.

User and Operator’s Vehicle Manual Guide. Free Auto PDF Manual Download. Years covered by this manual: 2002.

only) 188 197 Cleaning Maintenance and Specifications Engine compartment Engine oil Battery Fuel information Air filter(s) Refill capacities Engine data Accessories Index 250 251 Reproduction by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system or translation in whole or part is not permitted without written authorization from Mazda Motor Corporation. Mazda may change the contents without notice and without incurring obligation. 2002 Mazda Motor Corporation 2 Introduction The following warning may be required by California law: CALIFORNIA Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: Engine exhaust, some of its constituents, and certain vehicle components contain or emit chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. In addition, certain fluids contained in vehicles and certain products of component wear contain or emit chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations on acquiring your new Mazda Motor Corporation product. Please take the time to get well acquainted with your vehicle by reading this handbook. The more you know and understand about your vehicle the greater the safety and pleasure you will derive from driving it. For more information on Mazda Motor Corporation and its products visit the following website: · In the United States: www.mazdausa.com · In Canada: www.mazda.ca Additional owner information is given in separate publications. This Owner’s Guide describes every option and model variant available and therefore some of the items covered may not apply to your particular vehicle. Furthermore, due to printing cycles it may describe options before they are generally available. Remember to pass on the Owner’s Guide when reselling the vehicle. It is an integral part of the vehicle. WARNING: In the event of an accident the Fuel pump shut-off switch will automatically cut off the fuel supply to the engine. The switch can also be activated through sudden vibration (e.g. collision when parking). To reset the switch, refer to the Fuel pump shut-off switch in the Roadside emergencies chapter. 3 Introduction SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION Warning symbols in this guide How can you reduce the risk of personal injury and prevent possible damage to others, your vehicle and its equipment? In this guide, answers to such questions are contained in comments highlighted by the warning triangle symbol. These comments should be read and observed. Warning symbols on your vehicle When you see this symbol, it is imperative that you consult the relevant section of this guide before touching or attempting adjustment of any kind. Protecting the environment We must all play our part in protecting the environment. Correct vehicle usage and the authorized disposal of waste cleaning and lubrication materials are significant steps towards this aim. Information in this respect is highlighted in this guide with the tree symbol. BREAKING-IN YOUR VEHICLE There are no particular breaking-in rules for your vehicle. During the first 1,600 km (1,000 miles) of driving, vary speeds frequently. This is necessary to give the moving parts a chance to break in. 4 Introduction SPECIAL NOTICES Special instructions For your added safety, your vehicle is fitted with sophisticated electronic controls. WARNING: By operating other electronic equipment (e.g. mobile telephone without exterior aerial) electromagnetic fields can occur which can cause malfunctions of the vehicle electronics. Therefore you should observe the instructions of the equipment manufacturers. WARNING: Please read the section Air bag in the Seating and safety restraints chapter.

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