2011 BMW X5 X6 Series xDrive35i 50i 35d E70 E71 E72 Owners Manual

Repeating a voice instruction
Switching off the voice instructions
Displaying the address book
Displaying the last destinations
Accessing traffic bulletins
Special destinations
{Repeat voice instructions}
{Switch off voice instructions}
{Address book}
{Last destinations}
{Traffic Info}
{Points of interest}
Displaying the map
Map facing north
{Map facing north}
{Map in direction of travel}
{Map perspective view}
{Map with automatic scaling}
{Map scale}
Map in the direction of travel
Perspective map
Automatic scaling of the map*
Changing the scale
Split screen settings*
Split screen
{Switch on splitscreen}
Switching off the split screen
Adapting the split screen
Split screen current position
Split screen map facing north
Split screen direction of travel
Split screen perspective
{Turn off split screen}
{Split screen content}
{Split screen current position}
{Split screen map facing north}
{Split screen map in direction of travel}
{Split screen perspective}
{Split screen automatic scaling}
{Splitscreen Exit ramp view}
{Split screen, Traffic conditions}
{Split screen on board info}
{Splitscreen trip computer}
Automatically scaling the split screen
Split screen enlarged intersection zoom
Highlighting split screen traffic info
Split screen, computer
Split screen, trip computer
Destination guidance with intermediate destinations
Entering a new destination
Trip list
{Enter address}
{Stored trips}
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