2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Two Press Unlock (if equipped)
Horn Feedback (if equipped)
•  Off:
Head Lamp Delay (if equipped)
The two  press unlock function  will
be deactivated.Therefore, all doors
will unlock if the door is unlocked.
The  Horn feedback  operation  will     If this item is checked, the headlamp
be deactivated.
delay and  headlamp welcome  func-
tion will be activated.
After locking  the door  by pressing
the lock button on the transmitter, if
you  press  the  lock   button  again
The driver’s  door will  unlock if the
door is unlocked. When the door is
unlocked  again within  4  seconds,
all doors will unlock.
Welcome Light (if equipped)
If this  item is checked,  the welcome
within   4   seconds,   the   warning     light  function of the puddle  lamp will
sound will operate once to indicate     be activated.
that all doors are locked.
Power liftgate (Power tailgate)
(if equipped)
If this item is checked, the  power lift-
gate (power tailgate) system function
will be activated.
Auto Triple Turn
(One-touch triple turn signal)
(if equipped)
If  this   item   is  checked,   the  lane
change signals will blink 3 times when
the turn signal lever is moved slightly.
Smart Liftgate (Smart Tailgate)
(if equipped)
One Touch Turn Signal (if equipped)
If  this  item  is  checked,  the  Smart
Liftgate   (Smart    Tailgate)   system
function will be activated.
•  Off:
The one touch  turn signal function
will be deactivated.
3, 5, 7 Flashing :
The lane  change signals  will blink
5, or 7  times when the turn  sig-
nal lever is moved slightly.
For  more details,  refer  to ''Light''  in
this chapter.
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