2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Hazardous driving conditions
•  If stalled in snow, mud, or sand, use   Reducing the risk  of a rollover
second  gear. Accelerate  slowly to
This multi-purpose  passenger vehicle
avoid spinning the drive wheels.
When  hazardous  driving conditions
are   encountered   such   as   water,
snow, ice, mud, sand, or similar haz-
ards, follow these suggestions:
is  defined as  a Sports  Utility Vehicle
Use sand, rock  salt, tire chains, or
other  non-slip  material  under  the
drive  wheels   to  provide   traction
when stalled in ice, snow, or mud.
(SUV).  SUV’s  have   higher  ground
clearance  and   a  narrower  track   to
make them capable of performing in a
wide  variety  of  off-road applications.
Specific  design   characteristics  give
them  a higher  center of  gravity  than
ordinary vehicles. An advantage of the
higher  ground  clearance  is  a  better
view of the  road, which allows  you to
anticipate  problems.  They   are  not
designed  for  cornering  at  the  same
speeds  as   conventional  passenger
vehicles,  any   more  than  low-slung
sports  vehicles are  designed  to per-
form  satisfactorily  in   off-road  condi-
tions. Due to this risk,  driver and pas-
sengers are strongly recommended to
buckle  their  seat  belts. In  a  rollover
crash, an unbelted person is more like-
ly to die than a person wearing a seat
belt. There are steps that a driver  can
make to reduce the risk of a rollover.
Drive  cautiously  and   allow  extra
distance for braking.
Avoid sudden braking or steering.
WARNING - Downshifting
brakes pump  the brake pedal  with
a  light  up-and-down  motion  until
the vehicle is stopped.
Downshifting with an automatic
transaxle, while driving  on slip-
pery   surfaces   can  cause   an
accident. The sudden change in
tire speed could cause the  tires
to skid.  Be careful when  down-
shifting on slippery surfaces.
Do not pump the brake pedal on
a vehicle equipped with ABS.
If at all possible, avoid sharp turns or
abrupt maneuvers,  do not load  your
roof   rack  with   heavy   cargo,  and
never modify your vehicle in any way.
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