2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Using Android Auto Features
The following problems may occur due to issues     with your
1.  Call key in the steering wheel performs phone function while
Android Auto screen is displayed.
Intermittent  black screens appear when entering   Android
2.  OS system of the phone should be 5.x or more and can be
used by installing through Google play.
Unable to differentiate between phones that support Android
Auto and those that do not.
3.  On the Home or All Menus or Info screen, select the entry but-
If services do not work properly due to problems similar to
the specified above, check your phone, and if necessary,
reconnect your phone after restarting
It does not support Car Voice command when Android Auto
Android auto might not function as same with Car multimedia
To function “Android voice command”, press and hold the key on
the Steering wheel (0.8 secs)
It might function   irrelevantly  if controls  mobile  phone while
Android auto. Please do not use mobile phone while Android
Android auto might go to Car Apps screen if disconnected
depending on connection status. You can re-use if the device
4.  You can use the functions for navigation, music, phone, and the
like of Android Auto.
Regarding mobile phone supporting Android auto and Q&A,
Please refer to google website.
Pandora Radio I 7-19
H_LF16MY_G4.0[USA_N] Part7.indd
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