2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Battery Information
About the Battery
Temperature Limits
For better long-term performance, avoid
exposing Model X to ambient temperatures
above 60° C or below -30° C for more than 24
hours at a time.
Model X has one of the most sophisticated
battery systems in the world. The most
important way to preserve the Battery is to
are not using it. This is particularly important if
you are not planning to drive Model X for
several weeks. When plugged in, Model X
wakes up when needed to automatically
maintain a charge level that maximizes the
lifetime of the Battery.
Energy Saving Feature
Model X has an energy-saving feature that
reduces the amount of energy being
consumed when Model X is not in use. Touch
Controls > Displays > Energy Saving. For more
information on maximizing range and saving
energy, see Getting Maximum Range on page
There is no advantage to waiting until the
Battery’s level is low before charging. In fact,
the Battery performs best when charged
Battery Warnings and Cautions
Note: If the Model X Battery becomes
completely discharged in a situation in which
towing is required, the owner is responsible
for towing expenses. Discharge-related towing
expenses are not covered under the Roadside
Assistance policy.
Warning: The Battery has no parts that an
owner or a non-Tesla authorized service
technician can service. Under no
circumstances should you open or tamper
with the Battery. Always contact Tesla to
arrange for Battery servicing.
Battery Care
Caution: If the Battery’s charge level falls
to 0%, you must plug it in. If you leave it
unplugged for an extended period, it may
not be possible to charge Model X or use
the vehicle without jump starting or
replacing the 12V battery. Leaving
Model X unplugged for an extended
period can also result in permanent
Battery damage. If you are unable to
charge Model X, contact Tesla
Never allow the Battery to fully discharge.
Even when Model X is not being driven, its
Battery discharges very slowly to power the
onboard electronics. On average, the Battery
discharges at a rate of 1% per day. Situations
can arise in which you must leave Model X
unplugged for an extended period of time (for
example, at an airport when traveling). In
these situations, keep the 1% in mind to ensure
that you leave the Battery with asufficient
charge level. For example, over a two week
period (14 days), the Battery discharges by
approximately 14%.
Caution: The Battery requires no owner
maintenance. Do not remove thefiller   cap
and do not addfluid.  If the instrument
panel warns you that thefluid  level is low,
contact Tesla immediately.
Discharging the Battery to 0% may
permanently damage the Battery. To protect
against a complete discharge, Model X enters
a low-power consumption mode when the
charge level drops to 5%. In this mode, the
Battery stops supporting the onboard
electronics to slow the discharge rate to
approximately 4% per month. Once this low-
power consumption mode is active, it is
important to plug in Model X within two
months to avoid Battery damage.
Caution: Do not use the Battery as a
stationary power source. Doing so voids
the warranty.
Note: When the low-power consumption
mode is active, the auxiliary 12V battery is no
longer being charged and can completely
discharge within 12 hours. In the unlikely event
that this occurs, you may need to jump start
or replace the 12V battery before you can
charge. In this situation, contact Tesla.
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