2011 BMW X5M X6M E70 E71 E72 Owners Manual

Select the
Open "Options".
Additional information is displayed.
"Traffic Info categories"
Select the desired categories.
To exit from the menu:
Move the controller to the left.
Traffic bulletins in the map
When the traffic info map is activated, the pic-
ture on the Control Display is switched to a
grayscale. This permits an optimized depiction
of traffic information. The day/night mode is dis-
regarded in this setting. The symbols for the
special destinations are no longer displayed.
Traffic bulletins of the selected categories are
Open "Options".
Traffic bulletins on incidents along the route
are always displayed.
"Traffic conditions/gray map"
For your own safety, traffic bulletins that
notify you of potentially dangerous situa-
tions, such as wrong-way drivers, cannot be
Symbols in map view
The symbols of traffic obstructions are dis-
played differently, depending on the scale of
the map and location of the traffic obstruction in
relation to the route.
Traffic bulletins during destination
System response will vary depending on
whether or not "Dynamic guidance" is selected,
refer to page 159.
Additional information in the map
Depending on the map scale, the length, direc-
tion, and effects of a traffic obstruction are
depicted by traffic symbols in the map or by
bars along the planned route. The colors dis-
played depend on the information sent by the
traffic information service.
During destination guidance, traffic obstruc-
tions on the route are taken into consideration.
Information on sources of great danger, such as
wrong-way drivers, is displayed regardless of
the setting.
Red: traffic congestion
Orange: stop-and-go traffic
Yellow: heavy traffic
Displaying traffic obstructions
When the navigation system receives a traffic
obstruction message and "Dynamic guidance"
is not selected, you will be shown certain infor-
mation, such as the length of the traffic conges-
tion, when you are approx. 30 miles/50 km away
from the traffic obstruction.
Green: clear roads
Gray: general traffic information such as
road construction
The last possible detour exit is indicated just
before you reach it.
Filtering of traffic bulletins
You can filter which traffic bulletins are to be
displayed by the system:
This information is displayed even if you have
called up another application on the Control
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