2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Gen 1 Blue Link Navigation Manual

User TIPs
Tip #1
How to Download a Point of Interest (POI) Destination to Your
Pressthe Blue  link buttononyourrearview  mirror.
at the prompt, say “new Destination.”
say the destinationyou would like to search.
you cansay aname  of aPOI, category, orstreet address
Considerspelling the name oraddressforyoursearch  to improve
the accuracy of the voice recognition.
Whenyou hearyourdesired choice, say “search.”
If the system did not accurately recognize yoursearch, say “Try
  The system willread  back the POI you searched for.
If there are multiple matchesto  yoursearch, the system willread you up
to five nearby choices.
User’s ManUal
say “next” to hearthe multiple matches.
The system willthenask to download yourPOI, say “Download”if  you
would like the POI sent to yourvehicle.
navigate to www.MyHyundai.com and setup preferences& notifications.
Connect to yourvehicle today. Download the Mobile app.
Discover information& videosonover20  featuresat
resources& assistance:
scanto visit www.HyundaiBluelink.com
naVIGaTIOn sysTeM  VeHICles
scanto download Blue link Mobile app
available onapple® app store & Google® Play
Foradditionalquestions, call855-2-Bluelink
Blue link assistance:
nP150 02013 C
(rev 09/22/14)
roadside assistance:
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