2009 BMW 5-Series 528i 535i XDrive 550i E60 E61 Owners Manual

You can find valuable information on this topic
under Care, starting on page 239.
may be damaged and unstable driving con-
ditions may result.<
Determine the combined weight of the
driver and passengers that will be riding in
your vehicle.
528i xDrive, 535i xDrive
Avoid car washes with guide rail heights
over 4 in/10 cm; otherwise, there is a dan-
ger of damaging chassis parts.<
Subtract the combined weight of the driver
and passengers from XXX lbs. or YYY kg.
The resulting figure equals the available
amount of cargo and luggage load capacity.
For example, if the XXX amount equals
Rear window wiper*
The rear window wiper can be damaged in car
washes. Take appropriate protective measures;
ask the car wash operator if necessary.
lbs. and there will be five 150-lb. pas-
sengers in your vehicle, the amount of avail-
able cargo and luggage load capacity is
Automatic and sport automatic
lbs. minus 750 lbs. = 650 lbs.
Follow the instructions on page 63 so that the
vehicle can roll.
Determine the combined weight of luggage
and cargo being loaded on the vehicle. That
weight may not safely exceed the available
cargo and luggage load capacity calculated
in step 4.
Cargo loading
To avoid loading the tires beyond their
approved carrying capacity, never over-
load the vehicle. Overloading can lead to over-
heating and increases the rate at which damage
develops inside the tires. The ultimate result
can assume the form of a sudden blow-out.<
If your vehicle will be towing a trailer, part of
the load from your trailer will be transferred
to your vehicle. Consult the manual for
transporting a trailer to determine how this
may reduce the available cargo and luggage
load capacity of your vehicle.
Make sure that no fluids leak in the cargo
bay; otherwise the vehicle could be dam-
Determining loading limit
The permissible load is the total of the weight of
occupants and cargo/luggage. The greater the
weight of occupants, the less cargo/luggage
can be transported.
Locate the following statement on your
vehicle's placard*:
The combined weight of occupants
and cargo should never exceed
XXX lbs. or YYY kg, as otherwise the vehicle
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