2011 BMW X5 X6 XDrive35i XDrive50i 35d M E70 E71 E72 Owners Manual

Read and comply with the information
enclosed with the heavy-duty cargo
Floor panel flap
Reach into the recess and pull toward the front.
When you fold back the backrest, be sure
that the catch engages securely. The red
warning indicator disappears in the recess
when the catch is engaged. If it is not properly
engaged, transported cargo could enter the
passenger compartment during braking or eva-
sive maneuvers and endanger the vehicle occu-
To access the onboard vehicle tool kit etc.
To open, swing up the flap by the handle, refer
to arrow.
The floor panel flap can be locked*.
To ensure that the safety systems con-
tinue to provide optimized protection,
observe the safety belt information on
page 42.<
Adaptive fixing system*
The adaptive fixing system is used to divide up
the cargo area. It consists of two brackets with a
telescopic rail and retaining straps. These are
guided into the two rails on the cargo area floor.
Storage compartments in
cargo area
Before using the adaptive fixing system,
fold up and lock the rear seat backrest;
otherwise, the cargo could be thrown into the
vehicle interior in an accident.<
Depending on the vehicle's equipment, the fol-
lowing storage compartments are provided in
the cargo area.
Storage compartments behind the remov-
able side panels on the right and left side of
the cargo area* and under the floor panel
flap, storage compartment* right side of
cargo area.
Storage tray* under the floor panel flap,
capacity approx. 21 gal/80 liters.
Retaining straps* on the left and right side
panel for securing small objects.
Lashing rail with lashing eyes*. You can
secure heavy-duty cargo straps on the lash-
ing eyes.
Telescopic rail
Notch in the cargo area rail
They can be removed at the notches in the
rails. To move the lashing eyes, press the
Mounting brackets
The two brackets are connected with a tele-
scopic rail.
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