2006 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

Cruise control
Press the lever beyond the resistance point:
increase speed by 5 mph/10 km/h.
The concept
If, on a downhill grade, the engine's braking
effect is not sufficient, the controlled speed can
be exceeded. Speed can drop on uphill grades if
the engine output is insufficient.
The cruise control is available for use at speeds
of approx. 20 mph/30 km/h and higher. The
vehicle stores and maintains the speed that you
set using the lever mounted on the steering col-
Maintaining speed, storing speed, and
Do not use the cruise control under driv-
ing conditions that do not permit a con-
stant speed, e.g. when driving on winding
roads, in heavy traffic or in poor road conditions
such as snow, rain, ice, and loose road surface.
Otherwise you could loose control of the vehi-
cle and cause an accident.<
Pull the lever, arrow 2:
Functions are the same as 1, only the vehicle
speed is reduced.
Interrupting cruise control
Press the lever up or down, arrow 3.
In addition, cruise control is automatically deac-
One lever for all functions
When the brakes are applied
For manual shifting with the shift paddles or
the selector lever
When the DSC comes on
Resuming stored speed
Press button 4:
The stored speed is resumed and maintained.
Maintaining speed, storing speed, and
Deactivating system
When the ignition is switched off, the system is
deactivated and the stored speed is deleted.
Maintaining speed, storing speed, and
Interrupting cruise control
Resuming stored speed
Displays in instrument cluster
Maintaining speed, storing speed,
and accelerating
Press lever to resistance point, arrow 1:
The speed currently being driven is maintained
and stored. The display 1 in the speedometer,
see below, indicates this regulated speed.
Every time you press the lever, the vehicle's
speed increases by roughly 1 mph/1 km/h.
Stored desired speed
Press lever to resistance point for a longer time:
The vehicle accelerates without pressure on
the accelerator pedal. The system maintains
and stores your current speed as soon as you
release the lever.
Selected desired speed appears briefly
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