2008 BMW 5-Series 525i 525xi 530i 530xi 550i E60 Owners Manual

Engaging transmission position
P Park
Do not leave the transmission position P
until the engine is running: interlock.
Select only when the vehicle is stationary.
The rear wheels are locked.
With the vehicle stationary, depress the
brake pedal before shifting out of P or N;
otherwise the shift command will not be
executed: shiftlock.
P is engaged automatically as soon as
you switch off the engine unless N is
engaged and with comfort access the remote
control is inserted in the ignition lock, refer to
Before driving into a car wash, page 62.<
To prevent the vehicle from creeping
after you select a driving position,
maintain pressure on the brake pedal until
you are ready to start.<
N Neutral
Can, for example, be engaged in automatic car
washes. The vehicle can roll.
Engaging N, D, R
N remains engaged even after the engine
is switched off whenever you leave the
remote control in the ignition lock. This function
is useful, for example, in automatic car washes,
refer to page 62<
D Drive, automatic position
Position for normal vehicle operation. All for-
ward gears are available.
Briefly press the selector lever in the desired
direction, beyond a resistance point if neces-
sary. Press button 1 simultaneously out of P or
into R.
Kick-down enables you to achieve maximum
Press the accelerator pedal beyond the
increased resistance at full throttle.
The engaged transmission position is also dis-
played on the selector lever.
Sport program and manual mode M/S
The selector lever immediately returns to the
center position when released.
Engaging P
Press selector lever toward the left from trans-
mission position D:
The sport program is activated, and DS is dis-
played in the instrument cluster; with the sport
automatic transmission* also S1 to S6. This
position is recommended for a performance-
oriented driving style.
Press button P.
R Reverse
Select only when the vehicle is stationary.
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Jason on Oct 03, 2017. Awesome

I bought mine used and it came with a 7 series manual and service records in it.

Jason on Oct 03, 2017.

Sweet. I bought mine used and it came with a manual for a 7 series.