2016 Hyundai Sonata Gen 2 Blue Link Manual

automatic Diagnostic Trouble code notification
Inthe  event avehicle system orcomponent malfunctionoccurs, automatic
Diagnostic Trouble code (DTc ) notificationcorrelatesvehicle  dataand
diagnosticsto betterinform you of apossible  vehicle condition. Using in-
vehicle display alerts, it willindicate the significance of the issue and provide
you with instructions, including appropriate next steps. Inaddition,  this
informationisalso  sent to yourpreferred Hyundai dealerinorderto help with
the repairprocess.
Inorderto receive  notifications, you must first log onto
www.MyHyundai.com, select the Blue link logo foryourapplicable
vehicle, thenselect notificationsettings,  and set yournotification
On-Demand Diagnostics
Thisfeature providesyou  with atimely in-vehicle diagnostic evaluation, adding
peace of mind to yourdrive.
should avehicle component malfunction, you willbe
automatically notified by yourselected methods.
How to Use On-Demand DiagnosticsinyourVehicle
If needed, you willhave the optionto  callforroadside assistance and/
orschedule aHyundai dealership service appointment.
accessthe feature  from the Blue link Menu onyourvehicle’s
service link
service link allowsyou to schedule aHyundai dealership service appointment.
afterthe vehicle performsthe  diagnostic sweep, the system willnotify
you if any conditionsare found.
you canview the detailsof  any conditionfound  immediately and even
schedule service with apressof  abutton.
Inorderto activate thisfeature, you must first log onto
www.MyHyundai.com and confirm yourPreferred Hyundai Dealer.
select My account from the top menu onwww.MyHyundai.com menu.
View yourcurrent Preferred Dealerunder“My Preferred Dealer”.
Driving Information
Driving Informationenhancesyourdriving  experience by readily summarizing
the datagathered from yourmost recent trip.
If desired, select“change Dealer”to the search fordealersinyourareausing
the Zip code/search functions.
select the dealerby clicking the starnext to the dealername.
How to accessDriving InformationinyourVehicle
How to Use service link inyourVehicle
accessthe feature  from the Blue link Menu onyourvehicle’s
Pressthe Blue link button
located onyourrearview mirror.
at the prompt, say“service link.”
Dataavailable includesdriving  distance, driving time, engine idle time,
speed distributio and chartscomparing yourvehicle’saccelerationand
a trained specialist willofferto make adealership service appointment.
The agent willask forinformationneeded inorderto schedule the
appointment appropriately.
alldataisarunning  average and you canview  changesduring orafter
yourmost recent trip.
yourPreferred Dealerwillbe notified oryourappointment and may contact
you if needed.
anemailreminderwith the appointment Featureswillalso beaccessiblesent to viayou.the
GenesisIntelligent assistant
18 I BluelinkUser’sManual
Blue link User’s Manual  I  19
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