2016 Hyundai Sonata Gen 2 Blue Link Manual

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the Blue link logo foryourapplicable vehicle.
To get started with Blue link, log onto www.MyHyundai.com and select
setting orc hanging yourPersonalIdentificationnumber(PIn)
To protect yourvehicle and yourprivacy, many Blue link features—and
the smart Phone Mobile app—require asecure PersonalIdentificationnumber
(PIn) to allow activation. you willset yourPIn during the Blue link enrollment
To change yourPIn, select Update my PIn from the Blue link Home screen.
Input yourMyHyundai account password, create anew PIn and keep a
record of it forlaterreference.
yourPIn should not beginwith azero  (0).
Blue link Home page
selecting Preferencesand alerts
Thisiswhere  the rubberhitsthe  road - where you are able to select, activate,
adjust and controlthe settingsforthe  Blue link system inyourHyundai.
explore everything! you might be surprised at how easy to use - and practical
many of these amazing featuresare:
PersonalIdentificationnumber(PIn) Preferencesscreen
add secondary Drivers
add emergency contacts
Update Blue link PIn
set notifications
View Monthly Vehicle Health report
activate remote Features
Destinationsend-to-carby  Google
speed alert*
curfew alert*
*Delayed availability; **not available onallmodels
I BluelinkUser’sManual
Blue link User’s Manual  I  5
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