2016 Hyundai Sonata Gen 2 Blue Link Manual

BlUe lInk  GUIDanc e Pac kaGe
Destinationsearch Powered by Google
Blue link allowsyou to search and download locationinformationforpointsof
interest, businesses, and specific addressesusing Google’ssearch  engine.
Using Destinationsearch inyourVehicle
Pressthe navigationservice  buttononyourrearview  mirrorand state your
If the voice search doesnot  returnthe desired destination, you canalso
use the keyboard to search again.
Whenyou route to adestination,  the destinationissaved  inyourPOI
Using Destinationsearch onyourMobile app
search forapoint of interest using the search barinthe  Home Menu.
select yourdesired point of interest from the map orresultslist.
you have the optionto save  and/orsend the POI directly to yourvehicle.
Using Destinationsearch onyourc omputer
Onwww.MyHyundai.com, select the Blue link logo foryourapplicable
vehicle, select point of interest search and download the resultsto your
vehicle fornavigationguidance to the  destination.
QUIc k TIP: you canaccessapoint  of interest sent to yourvehicle orany POI you
have routed to, by navigating to the in-vehicle Blue link Menu and selecting the
send-to-carwith Google  icon.
30 I BluelinkUser’sManual
Blue link User’s Manual  I  31
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