2016 Hyundai Sonata Gen 2 Blue Link Manual

BlUe lInk  reMOTe Pac kaGe
Maintenance alert*
remote DoorUnlock/lock
Thisfeature helpsyou  keep yourHyundai vehicle inoptimum  running order
by notifying you inadvance of regularly scheduled maintenance intervals.
notificationismade  viayourchoice of text messaging oremail.
Inorderto activate  thisfeature, you must first log onto
www.MyHyundai.com, select the Blue link logo foryourapplicable
vehicle, thenselect  notificationsettings, and set youralert
Featuresaccessible viathe
Blue link Mobile apps
Once activated, you willautomatically be notified, by your
selected methods, whenyourvehicle isdue  forregularly scheduled
maintenance and be offered assistance inscheduling  anappointment
with yourlocalHyundai dealer.
With thisfeature, you canlock  orunlock yourvehicle doorsfrom  virtually
anywhere by using the Blue link Mobile apps, orusing the Blue link Owner’s
To use thisfeature, you must have  aBlue link Personal
Identificationnumber(PIn). To create orchange yourPIn, log
onto www.MyHyundai.com. see  page 5 of thismanualformore
To activate remote DoorUnlock/lock
By Mobile app: select remote featuresand  DOOr UnlOc k orDOOr
lOc k, asdesired.
enteryourBlue link PIn.
The command to lock orunlock yourdoorswillbe  sent to your
By website: log onto www.MyHyundai.com, select Blue link.
select remote DoorUnlock/lock.
select lock DoorsorUnlock Doorsand  Input yourBlue link PIn.
Please note: afterBlue link unlocksthe  doors, they willremain
unlocked foronly 30 seconds. Thisauto relock isdesigned  to
enhance vehicle security by relocking the doorsif  the doorsare
not opened within30 seconds.
remote servicesare  subject to adequate cellularcoverage and
signalstrength, and only available inthe 50 United states.
*not available onallmodels
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