2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Gen 2 Blue Jink Owners Manual

assUranCe  Car Care Feat Ures
enhanced roadside assistance
Monthly vehicle Health report
enhanced roadside assistance worksinconjunctionwith   yourHyundai
assurance roadside assistance coverage and enhancesyourcoverage  by
transmittingyourvehicle  informationand locationto  aspecially trained
response centerforquicker, more efficient assistance.
rearview mirrorin
standard rearview mirror
–equipped models
Monthly vehicle Health report
(actualmonthly vehicle report may appeardifferently dependinguponvehicle and equipment)
Usingenhanced roadside  assistance
t hirty daysafteryournew Hyundai vehicle purchase, you canbeginreceivinga
comprehensive diagnostic evaluationinvolvingmost  aspectsof  yourvehicle’s
performance (e.g., systemscheck,  mileage attained, upcomingmaintenance,
Customerscanpressthe   Blue link buttonand say “roadside assistance”
to speak to anagent forroadside  assistance.
a trained Blue link operatorwillcome onthe  line and ask about
the nature of the situation, thendispatch  the appropriate roadside
assistance to the scene.
inorderto receive  yourMonthly vehicle Health report, you must first
logonto  www.MyHyundai.com, select the Blue link logo foryourapplicable
vehicle, thenselect Monthly vehicle Health report.
With Blue link, the operatormay be able to inform roadside assistance
of yourexact location.
o nce set up, you willreceive vehicle diagnostic reportsviathe
emailaddressprovided inyourwww.MyHyundai.com  notification
t he so s buttoncanalso be used forenhanced roadside assistance.
By default, you willreceive yourMonthly vehicle report onthe
same day of the month asyourvehicle  purchase.
Watch & learnmore
about Hyundai Blue
link enhanced roadside
to review the report online, logonto  www.MyHyundai.com and click on
“vehicle report”inthe  sub menu.
Please note: t he enhanced roadside assistance feature issubject to adequate cellular
coverage, signalstrength, and battery power, and only available inthe 50 United states.
you must be anactive Blue  link subscriberorwithinthe initialfree trialperiod to receive
Blue link services, includingenhanced  roadside assistance services.
16 i BluelinkUser’sManual
Blue link User’s Manual  i  17
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