2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Gen 2 Blue Jink Owners Manual

ignitioniso  FF
alarm isarmed (i.e., vehicle locked by key  fob remote doorlock)
gearshift levelisinthe  “P” (park) position
Brake pedalisnot depressed
engine hood issecurely closed
allthe doorsare  closed and locked
Featuresaccessible viathe
Blue link Mobile apps
t he tailgate ortrunk lid isclosed
t he security/panic system isnot activated
t he proximity key isnot inside the vehicle
t he battery powerisnot low
vehicle islocated inanopenarea
it hasbeenlessthan4   dayssince  last vehicle ignitionoff
vehicle located inareawith  good cellreception
t he mobile app feature enablesyou to find yourvehicle onamap  if you
are withina1-mile  radiusof yourvehicle and givesyou  the ability to save
yourvehicle’slocationforfuture  reference.
remote start with Climate Controlwillterminate:
after10 minutesorafterselected  engine timerrunsout
Brake ispressed  without proximity key inside vehicle
alarm istriggered without proximity key inside  vehicle
door/trunk isopened  from inside the vehicle
to use thisfeature,  you must have aBlue link Personalidentification
number(Pin). to create orchange yourPin, logonto
www.MyHyundai.com. see page 5 of thismanualformore  information.
to activate CarFinderviaMobile  app
select Map from the Home Menu.
notice: lawsinsome  communitiesmay  restrict the use of the featuresthat
remotely start the engine. Forexample, some lawsmay  require aperson
usingthe  remote start feature to have the vehicle inview whendoingso
orlimit the length of time avehicle engine may idle. Please check  localand
state regulationsforany requirementsand  restrictionsonremote  startingof
vehiclesand engine idlingtime.
select Find My Carwhere you willbe prompted to searCH ortag anew
to search withina1-mile  radius
enteryourBlue link Pin.
t he command willbe sent to yourvehicle and the vehicle location
willbe  shownonthe  map.
if yourvehicle isoutside  a1-mile radius, you canstillsave
the locationof yourvehicle by taggingit  onthe  map.
do not remote start vehicle inanenclosed   environment (i.e., closed garage). Prolonged
operationof amotorvehicle  inanenclosed  environment cancause aharmfulbuild-up  of
carbonmonoxide. Carbonmonoxide  isharmfulto  yourhealth. exposure to high levelsof
carbonmonoxide cancause  headaches, dizzinessorinextreme  casesunconsciousness
and/ordeath. do not leave childrenoranimalsunattended  inavehicle  while usingthe
remote start function.
Watch & learnmore
about usingHyundai Blue
link CarFinder
CaUt io n!
if the vehicle’swindshield  wipersare left onwhenthe  vehicle waslast  driven, thenthe
wiperswillturnonif  the  remote start functionisactivated. to  avoid damage to the wiper
blades(i.e., due to heavy ice  orsnow accumulated onthe windshield), please alwaysturn
the vehicle’swindshield wipersoff  whenparkingthe  vehicle.
24 i BluelinkUser’sManual
Blue link User’s Manual  i  25
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