2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Gen 2 Blue Jink Owners Manual

in-vehicle apps**
assurance CarCare in-vehicle app*
yourBlue link susbscriptionmay give you accessto  Hyundai’sBlue  link
download Centerinyourvehicle.  t he download Centermay allow you to
download and update in-vehicle appsincludingPandora,  soundHound*,
yelp*, CarCare* and locationsharing*.
t he assurance CarCare in-vehicle app willkeep you intune with your
Hyundai. navigate through yourvehicle’sowner’smanual,  userguides, service
schedulesand more.
additionalin-vehicle appsmay become  available at any time duringyourBlue
link subscription. app availability may vary by model; visit the download
Centerforthe most up-to-date availibility foryourHyundai.
Featuresinthe  assurance CarCare app
Vehicle Information: Quick reference guide, o wner’sManual, indicator
light o verview* and Blue link information, includingFaQs.
downloadinganin-vehicle   app
WheninPark,  from the allMenusicon,  navigate to the appsiconand  select
download Center. a list of available appsforyourvehicle  willbe displayed.
Pressdownload  next to the app you wish to download. it’sthat  easy.
Service Reminders: Maintenance remindersand recallnotifications.
Car Care Info: Warranty information, schedule CarCare, Maintenance
information* and CarCare FaQs.
*Pandoraand aharadio!  require download of the correspondingsmartphone application
to yourphone and connectionto yourcarto enable the  in-vehicle app. aharadio isa
registered trademark of Harmaninternationalindustries, inc. soundhound isaregistered
trademark of soundhound. Pandoraisaregistered  trademark of PandoraMedia,  inc.
Hyundai Dealer Locator
Roadside Assistance
in-vehicle Wi-Fi
locationsharingin-vehicle  app**
With Blue link, you canconnect yourvehicle to anavailable  Wi-Fi network at
home, yourlocaldealership orwhere available.
t he locationsharingapp  makesyourcarmore social. see yoursocialmedia
friendsnearby orshare yourlocationswith  friends.
asmore in-vehicle  appsbecome available, you canuse  Wi-Fi to download
and/orupgrade appsat fasterspeeds.
Check into nearby locationsonFacebook   and Foursquare. share locations
with yourpreferred contactsthrough Facebook, Foursquare, and twitter.
see yournearby Friend check-insand  tweets.
*not available onallmodels, **o nly available onmodelsequipped  with factory-install
Wi-Fi logo isaregistertrademark  of the Wi-Fi alliance.
2 i BluelinkUser’sManual
Blue link User’s Manual  i  13
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