2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Gen 2 Blue Jink Owners Manual

UsingBlue  link inyourCar
standard rearview Mirror
UsingBlue  link o nline
Many Blue link featurescanbe  customized, activated, oraccessed at
www.MyHyundai.com. t hisisanimportant  link to gettingthe  most out
of yourBlue link system.
if equipped
rearview MirrorinHomelink   – equipped models
logonto  www.MyHyundai.com. dependingonwhich   Blue link
packagesyou are enrolled in, you willhave  accessto some orallof these
PreferencesforBlue link features
Blue link feature overviews
yourMonthly vehicle Health report
remote services, such asremote  start with Climate Control
if equipped
ControlsforBlue link in-vehicle  voice-response use are located onthe
rearview mirror.
invitingsecondary drivers
Pressthe Blue  link button
menu of services:
service link
foraccessto the voice-response
roadside assistance
Blue link account assistance
Pressthe centerbutton
destinationsearch  Powered by googlet M**.
forenhanced navigationservices.
buttonforso s emergency assistance.*
t he primary Blue link subscribercaninvite otherdriversto  create aMyHyundai
account to set theirowncommunicationand  feature preferencesforashared
Hyundai vehicle, givingeach drivertheirvery ownBlue  link experience.
you canend any Blue link callby pressingthe  same Blue link mirrorbutton
used to start the call.
*you must be anactive Blue  link subscriberorwithinthe initial
free trialperiod to receive Blue link services, includingemergency
From the Blue link menu select drivers, invite  asecondary driverand
provide theirname and emailaddress.
yourinvited driverwillreceive anemailwith more detailsonhow   to
accept yourinvitationand start usingBlue  link.
nly available onmodelsequipped  with factory-installnavigationsystem
10 i BluelinkUser’sManual
Blue link User’s Manual  i  11
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