2011 BMW X5 X6 Series xDrive35i 50i 35d E70 E71 E72 Owners Manual

CDs/DVDs with compressed image data
CDs/DVDs with compressed audio data
CDs/DVDs with compressed video data
Digital Rights Management (DRM)
In some cases, it may not be possible to play
CDs/DVDs with integrated Digital Rights Man-
agement (DRM).
The DVD player does not support DVD audio.
However, many audio DVDs available in stores
also contain a video track in the DVD Video for-
mat in addition to the audio track. These DVDs
can be played back by the DVD player. Refer to
the information on your DVD to determine
whether your audio DVD contains an additional
video track. Depending on the authoring used, it
is possible that not all functions are available
during playback.
General malfunctions
The BMW CD/DVD player is optimized for oper-
ation in the vehicle. It may react more sensi-
tively to defective CDs/DVDs than devices
intended for stationary use.
If a CD/DVD cannot be played, first check
whether it has been inserted correctly.
Make sure that no foreign objects or liq-
uids get into the CD/DVD slot; otherwise,
the CD/DVD player will be damaged.<
Dual-sided DVDs available from retail suppliers
are coated on both sides and bear no markings.
This means both sides are information carriers.
To play the information on the other side, turn
over the DVD.
High levels of humidity can lead to condensa-
tion on the CD/DVD or the laser's scan lens and
temporarily prevent playback.
Supported formats
Depending on the compression method used,
not all files of the specified formats can be
Malfunctions with individual CDs/DVDs
If malfunctions occur only with particular CDs/
DVDs, this can be due to one of the following
Copied or self-recorded CDs/DVDs
With very large image files, it can take longer for
the images to be displayed.
Possible reasons for malfunctions with copied
or self-recorded CDs/DVDs may include incon-
sistent data-creation or recording processes, or
poor quality or significant aging of the CD/DVD
Compressed audio files
Only label CDs/DVDs on the upper side with a
pen intended for this purpose.
Damaged CDs/DVDs
Compressed video files
Avoid fingerprints, dust, scratches and mois-
Store CDs/DVDs in a sleeve.
Do not subject CDs/DVDs to temperatures
above 1227/506 or to high humidity levels or
direct sunlight.
CDs/DVDs with copy protection
CDs/DVDs are often provided with a copy pro-
tection feature by the manufacturer. As a result,
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