2011 BMW X5 X6 Series xDrive35i 50i 35d E70 E71 E72 Owners Manual

Tire identification marks
Uniform Tire Quality Grading
Quality grades can be found where applicable
on the tire sidewall between tread shoulder and
maximum section width. For example:
Knowledge of the labeling on the side of the tire
makes it easier to identify and choose the right
Tread wear 200 Traction AA
Temperature A
Tire size
For instance:
255/55   R  18  109  H
DOT Quality Grades
Nominal width in mm
ratio in Ξ
Tread wear
Traction AA A B C
Temperature A B C
Radial belt construction
Rim diameter in inches
Load rating
All passenger car tires must conform to
Federal Safety Requirements in addition
to these grades.<
(not on ZR tires)
Speed code letter
(in front of the R on ZR tires)
Tread wear
The tread wear grade is a comparative rating
based on the wear rate of the tire when tested
under controlled conditions on a specified gov-
ernment test course. For example, a tire graded
Speed letter
Q = up to 100 mph/160 km/h
T = up to 118 mph/190 km/h
H = up to 131 mph/210 km/h
V = up to 150 mph/240 km/h
W = up to 167 mph/270 km/h
Y = up to 186 mph/300 km/h
150 would wear one and one-half (1
γ) times as
well on the government course as a tire graded
100. The relative performance of tires depends
upon the actual conditions of their use, how-
ever, and may depart significantly from the
norm due to variations in driving habits, service
practices and differences in road characteris-
tics and climate.
Tire Identification Number
Tires with DOT codes meet the guidelines of
the US Department of Transportation.
The traction grades, from highest to lowest, are
AA, A, B, and C.
DOT code:
For instance:
DOT xxxx xxx 0810
Those grades represent the tire's ability to stop
on wet pavement as measured under controlled
conditions on specified government test sur-
faces of asphalt and concrete. A tire marked C
may have poor traction performance.
Manufacturer code
for tire make
Tire size and
tire design
Tire age
The traction grade assigned to this tire is
based on straight-ahead braking traction
tests, and does not include acceleration, cor-
nering, hydroplaning, or peak traction charac-
Tire age
The manufacturing date of tires is contained in
the tire coding: DOT ... 0810 indicates that the
tire was manufactured in week 8 of 2010.
BMW recommends that you replace all tires
after 6 years at most, even if some tires may last
for 10 years.
The temperature grades are A, the highest, B,
and C, representing the tire's resistance to the
generation of heat and its ability to dissipate
Online Edition for Part no. 01 41 2 604 009 - © 03/10 BMW AG
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