2011 BMW X5 X6 Series xDrive35i 50i 35d E70 E71 E72 Owners Manual

To temporarily deactivate the Bluetooth link    >
between the vehicle and your mobile phone:
Selecting stored phone numbers, e.g. from
the list of received calls
Open "Options".
Ending a call
When the ignition is switched off or in radio
readiness, e.g. after taking the remote control
out of the ignition switch, you can continue an
ongoing call via the hands-free system for sev-
eral minutes.
Speech quality
If the person you are talking to is having difficul-
ties understanding you, this may be due to
excessive background noise. The full prepara-
tion package mobile phone can compensate for
these noises to a certain extent. To optimize the
speech quality during a call, we recommend
that you:
Adjusting the volumes
Reduce background noise, e.g. by closing
the windows, reducing air flow from the
automatic climate control or pointing the
open front air vents downward.
Reduce the volume of the hands-free sys-
The pairing data of the mobile phone are
stored in the vehicle and the mobile phone
is ready to operate.
Turn the knob until the desired volume is set.
Adjust the volume of:
Ringer volume
Call volume
The engine is running or the ignition is
switched on.
These volumes for the hands-free system are   >
maintained, even if the other audio sources are
set to minimum volume.
The mobile phone is detected by the vehi-
Receiving calls
The setting is stored for the remote control cur-
rently in use.
If you have the phone number of the caller
stored in the phone book and the phone num-
ber has been transmitted, the name of the entry
is displayed.
Operation via iDrive
You can operate the following functions via
Accepting a call
Press the
button on the steering wheel
Accepting/refusing a call
Dialing phone numbers
Dialing phone numbers from the phone
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