2011 BMW X5 X6 Series xDrive35i 50i 35d E70 E71 E72 Owners Manual

sion is dependent on your mobile phone,
refer to the operating instructions of the
mobile phone if necessary, and can take
several minutes.
"Bluetooth (telephone)"
Select the desired mobile phone.
Four mobile phones can be paired.
Specific settings may be necessary in some
mobile phones, e.g. authorization or a
secure connection, refer to the mobile
phone operating instructions.
If not all phone book entries are displayed:
Transfer all phone book entries from the
SIM card to the mobile phone if necessary.
It may not be possible to display phone
book entries with special characters.
Unpairing mobile phone from vehicle
Checking if pairing is unsuccessful
"Bluetooth (telephone)"
Is the mobile phone supported by the
mobile phone preparation package? Infor-
mation on this subject is also provided on
the Internet at: www.bmw.com/bluetooth
Highlight the mobile phone that is to be
Open "Options".
"Remove phone from list"
Do the Bluetooth passkeys on the mobile
phone and the vehicle match? The same
Bluetooth passkey must be entered both on
the mobile phone display and via iDrive.
Have you required longer than 30 seconds
to enter the Bluetooth passkey? Then
repeat the pairing procedure.
Are too many Bluetooth devices connected
to the mobile phone? If so, delete the con-
nections with other devices on the mobile
The unpaired mobile phone is deleted from
the list.
The phone book entries and the lists of
stored phone numbers are also deleted.
The mobile phone no longer reacts? Switch
the mobile phone off and then on again or
disconnect the power supply.
Repeat the pairing procedure.
Activating/deactivating Bluetooth link
If all items on the list have been checked
and the mobile phone still cannot be paired,
please contact Customer Relations.
Bluetooth technology is not approved in
all countries. Observe the applicable local
regulations. Temporarily deactivate the Blue-
tooth link between the vehicle and the mobile
phone if necessary.
Connecting a particular mobile phone
If more than one mobile phone is detected by
the vehicle, the mobile phone at the top of the
list is connected. A different mobile phone can
be connected by selecting it.
If the Bluetooth link is deactivated, you cannot
operate your mobile phone via the vehicle and
other devices with a Bluetooth interface can be
used via the mobile phone, e.g. a laptop com-
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