2016 Hyundai I10 Owners Manual

Features of your vehicle
If the  gauge pointer moves beyond
the  normal  range area  toward  the
“H”  it   indicates  overheating   that
may damage the engine.
Never   remove   the   radiator   cap
when the engine  is hot. The engine
coolant   is   under   pressure    and
could   cause  severe   burns.   Wait
until   the   engine   is  cool   before
adding coolant to the reservoir.
Engine coolant temperature gauge
Fuel gauge
(if equipped)
The fuel gauge indicates the approximate
amount of fuel remaining in the fuel tank.
The fuel tank capacity is given in  chapter
8. The fuel  gauge is  supplemented by a
low fuel warning light, which will illuminate
when the fuel tank is nearly empty.
On  inclines  or  curves,   the  fuel  gauge
pointer may fluctuate or the low fuel warn-
ing light may  come on earlier  than usual
due to the movement of fuel in the tank.
This gauge shows the temperature of the
engine coolant  when  the ignition  switch
is ON.
Do not continue driving with an overheat-
ed engine. If your vehicle overheats, refer
to “If the engine overheats” in chapter 6.
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