2016 Hyundai I10 Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
When  the  vehicle stops  suddenly,  or  if
the  occupant  tries  to  lean  forward  too
quickly,  the  seat belt  retractor  will  lock
into position. In  certain frontal collisions,
the  pre-tensioner  will  activate  and  pull
the seat  belt into tighter  contact against
the occupant's body.
If the system senses  excessive seat belt
tension on the driver or passenger's seat
belt when the pre-tensioner activates, the
load  limiter inside  the pre-tensioner  will
release  some  of   the  pressure  on  the
affected seat belt. (if equipped)
Improper handling of the pre-ten-
sioner seat  belt  assemblies, and
failure to  heed  the warnings  not
to strike, modify, inspect, replace,
service or repair  the pre-tension-
er seat belt  assemblies may lead
to improper operation or inadver-
tent activation and serious injury.
Pre-tensioners  are   designed  to
operate only one  time. After acti-
vation,  pre-tensioner   seat  belts
must be  replaced. All  seat belts,
of  any   type,  should  always  be
replaced   after  they   have  been
worn during a collision.
If  the   vehicle   or  pre-tensioner
seat  belt must  be discarded,  we
recommend  that you  contact  an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
assembly  mechanisms   become
hot   during   activation.   Do   not
touch the  pre-tensioner seat belt
assemblies  for   several  minutes
after they have been activated.
To obtain  maximum benefit  from a
pre-tensioner seat belt:
Do not  hit the pre-tensioner  seat
belt assemblies.
Do   not  attempt   to   inspect   or
replace   the  pre-tensioner    seat
belts   yourself.  We   recommend
that the system be serviced by an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
Do   not  attempt   to   service   or
repair the pre-tensioner  seat belt
system in any manner.
The  seatbelt must  be  worn cor-
rectly and adjusted to the  proper
position.  Please read  and follow
all  of  the important  information
and precautions about your vehi-
cle’s  occupant safety  features –
including seat belts and  air bags
that are provided in  this manu-
Be  sure  you  and  your  passen-
gers always wear seat belts prop-
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