2016 Hyundai I10 Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Power brakes
Your vehicle  has  power-assisted brakes
that adjust automatically  through normal
If the  engine is  not running  or is turned
off while driving, the  power assist for the
brakes  will not  work.  You can  still  stop
your vehicle by  applying greater force to
the  brake pedal  than  typical. The  stop-
ping  distance,  however,  will  be   longer
than with power brakes.
When  the   engine  is  not   running,  the
reserve brake power is partially depleted
each time the brake  pedal is applied. Do
not  pump   the  brake   pedal  when   the
power assist has been interrupted.
Take the following precautions:
To dry  the brakes, lightly  tap the
brake pedal to heat up the brakes
while maintaining  a safe  forward
speed  until   brake   performance
returns  to normal.  Avoid  driving
at  high  speeds  until the  brakes
function correctly.
•  Do not  drive with  your foot  rest-
ing on  the  brake pedal. This  will
create abnormal  high brake tem-
peratures, excessive brake  lining
and   pad   wear,  and   increased
stopping distances.
•  When descending a long or steep
hill,  shift   to  a   lower  gear   and
avoid  continuous  application  of
the  brakes. Applying  the  brakes
brakes   to  overheat   and   could
result in a temporary loss of brak-
ing performance.
Pump the brake pedal only  when neces-
sary to maintain  steering control on slip-
pery surfaces.
•  Wet  brakes may impair  the vehi-
cle’s ability  to safely  slow down;
the vehicle  may also  pull to  one
side when the brakes are applied.
Applying  the  brakes  lightly  will
indicate whether  they have  been
affected in  this  way. Always  test
your brakes  in this  fashion  after
driving through deep water.
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