2016 Hyundai I10 Owners Manual

What to do in an emergency
Jump starting procedure
To prevent damage to your vehicle:
Only use  a  12-volt power  supply
(battery   or   jumper   system)   to
jump start your vehicle.
Jumper Cables
Position the vehicles close enough that
the jumper cables will reach, but do not
allow the vehicles to touch.
2.Avoid  fans or any  moving parts  in the
engine compartment at  all times, even
when the vehicles are turned off.
3.Turn  off all  electrical devices  such  as
radios, lights, air  conditioning, etc. Put
the vehicles  in  P (Park,  for automatic
transaxle vehicle) or neutral (for manu-
al transaxle vehicle), and set  the park-
ing brakes. Turn both vehicles OFF.
Do not attempt to jump start  your
vehicle by push-starting.
Jumper Terminal
An   inappropriately    disposed
battery  can  be  harmful  to  the
environment and human health.
Dispose  the  battery   according
to  your local  law(s)  or  regula-
Booster Battery
4.Connect the jumper cables in the exact
sequence   shown  in   the  illustration.
First connect  one jumper  cable to the
red,  positive   (+)  jumper  terminal   of
your vehicle (1).
Connect  the other  end  of the  jumper
cable    to     the    red,    positive     (+)
battery/jumper terminal of the assisting
vehicle (2).
Connect  the  second jumper  cable  to
the black,  negative (-)  battery/chassis
ground of the assisting vehicle (3).
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