2016 Hyundai I10 Owners Manual

Features of your vehicle
Closing the hood
Before closing the hood, check the  fol-
•  Before  closing the  hood, ensure
that all obstructions are removed
from  the hood  opening.  Closing
the   hood  with   an   obstruction
present in the hood opening  may
result   in   property   damage   or
severe personal injury.
Always double  check  to be  sure
that  the  hood   is  firmly  latched
before  driving  away.  If  it  is  not
latched, the  hood could  fly open
while the vehicle  is being driven,
causing  a total  loss of  visibility,
which might result in an accident.
All filler caps  in the engine  compart-
ment must be correctly installed.
Gloves,   rags   or  any   other   com-
bustible  material  must  be  removed
from the engine compartment.
Return the support rod to its clip to pre-
vent it from rattling.
Lower the hood until it is about 30 cm (1
ft.) above  the closed position  and let it
drop. Make sure that it locks into place.
Do not move  the vehicle with the
hood   raised.  The  view   will  be
blocked  and the  hood  could fall
or be damaged.
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