2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Navigation Manual

Basic operation
Start-up screen
The unit starts when the ignition switch
is placed in the ACC or ON  position.
Turning the unit on
on the control panel in power
off status.
Adjusting the volume
Rotate the volume knob (    ) on the
control panel.
When you insert the disc in the  disc
slot, the unit is turned on automatically.
When you turn the unit off, the  current
volume level is automatically memo-
rized. Whenever you turn the unit back
on, it operates at the memorized
volume level.
If you turn the unit off/on below volume
level 5, the volume level is changed
into 5. If you turn the unit  off/on above
volume level 25, the volume level is
changed into 25.
Turning the unit off
Then the radio mode is displayed
on the screen.
on the control panel in power
on status.
Inserting a disc
Insert a disc in the disc  slot and play-
back starts automatically.
The unit memorizes the last mode
that is played lastly. The last mode
is saved in the memory  even if the
ignition switch is placed in the OFF
position. When the ignition switch is
placed in the ACC or ON position,
the mode is automatically recalled.
It may take long time (about  20 sec-
onds) for the unit to be rebooted.
Ejecting a disc
Press Z on the control panel.
The disc is ejected from the loading
If the ejected disc is not removed  in
approximately 10 seconds, the disc is
automatically inserted again into the
loading slot.
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