2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Navigation Manual

This allows you to set the time format and
the summer time.
This allows you to set the unit of distance
displayed on your navigation system.
Factory Settings
This allows you to initialize various set-
tings to the default settings.
Time format: Change the time format
between the “12h” and
Summer time: Set the summer time
between the “On” and
Change the unit between the “km”  and
- All: Initializes all the settings to  the
default settings.
- Phone: Initializes all the settings relat-
ed with phone.
- Navigation: Initializes all the settings
related with navigation.
- Audio/Media/Radio: Initializes all the
settings related
Navigation Demo
This is a demonstration function. After
a route is set, a simulation of  route
guidance to a destination is automati-
cally displayed.
The unit sets the
clock automatically by
detecting the summer
time whether it is the
summer time season
or not. Even though the
summer time is set to
"On", the unit sets the
clock to normal time
(not +1 hour) when it's
not summer time sea-
with Audio/
Media/ Radio.
• Navigation Demo
- Off: Demo mode is set off.
- 1x: Sets the demo drive only  once.
Speed: Sets the speed of demo drive.
Loop: Repeat demo drive
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