2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Navigation Manual

Voice recognition system
Voice recognition
Giving voice commands
How to say numbers
Voice recognition allows hands-free
operation of the AV system (RADIO,
CD, USB, iPod), navigation and other
systems equipped on this vehicle, such
as the phone.
Voice recognition requires a certain
way to say numbers in voice com-
mands. Refer to the following examples.
(General rule: Either “zero” or “oh”  can
be used for “0”.)
remote control.
on the steering wheel
After the beep sounds, say “Help”.
All commands shall be listed which
are presented in active fields.
Say frequency number according to the
following example.
“Frequency ninety five comma four”/ “
Ninety five comma four mega-hertz”
To get the best recognition perfor-
mance out of voice recognition, observe
the following:
Keep the interior of the vehicle as
quiet as possible. Close the windows
to eliminate the surrounding noises
(traffic noises, vibration sounds, etc.),
which may prevent the system from
recognizing the voice commands cor-
If the command is not recognized, the
system announces, 1st time  “Pardon?”,
2nd time “Please, repeat”, and 3rd time
"Command is not recognized".
Wait until a beep sounds before
speaking a command. Otherwise,
the command will not be recognized
If you want to cancel the voice rec-
Phone number
Say phone number according to the
following example.
ognition, press
one more time or
press the any button or touch screen
say “Cancel”.
Speak in a natural voice without paus-
ing between words.
The supporting languages in Voice
recognition system are English,
German, French, Spanish and Italian at
this moment.
0-1-0-2-0-0-5-2 (Single digit)
If you want to adjust the volume of  the
system feedback, press VOL+ or V0L-
on the steering wheel remote control
or use the volume knob (    )  on the
control while the voice recognition is
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