2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Navigation Manual

Bluetooth wireless technology
Making a call by entering
phone number
The most basic way to make a call is to
simply dial the number.
Connect your unit and bluetooth phone
before you make a call.
Answering calls
If you make a mistake while dialing,
to erase one digit at a time.
If you want to erase all digits at  a time,
touch and hold
for long to make a call from
When you receive a call, your phone
rings and the “Incoming Call”
pop-up screen is displayed on the
Touch [Accept] to answer the call.
a latest call.
Press the
button on the control
If you want to make an international
telephone call, touch [0] for long, then
input the phone number.
The Bluetooth main screen appears
on the screen.
The user’s recent call history applies
only to the hands-free connection.
(Making a call from a recent call with
the headset connection depends on
the call history of the Bluetooth phone.)
The headset connection allows only
making a call from a recent call.
Input the phone number you want
to call by touching the number  but-
tons. And then touch
If you want to reject a call,  touch
If the Call-ID service is available,  the
caller’s phone number is displayed.
Switching the sound path
during a call
You can hear sound through the
speaker of unit and phone by touching
[Transfer Call]/ [Transfer Call Back].
• If the phone number is in  the phone
book, phone book entry’s name  is
• If the incoming call is from  a number
stored in your Contacts, the entry’s
name is displayed. The caller’s phone
number may also be displayed, if
• If “Rejecting” function is unusable,
then the phone connected to the
device does not support the rejecting
calls function.
Touch [Hang Up] to finish the tele-
phone conversations.
Switching the microphone
You can switch the microphone on/
off by touching [Microphone Off]/
[Microphone On].
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