2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Navigation Manual

General information
Types of Playable Discs
Precautions of handling discs and player
This unit plays CD-R or CD-RW con-
taining audio titles, MP3 or WMA files.
• A defective or soiled disc
inserted into the unit can
cause sound to drop during
• Handle the disc by holding
its innerouter edges.
• Do not touch the surface  of
the unlabeled side of the
• Clean the disc
before playback.
Wipe the disc from
the center outward
with a cleaning cloth.
• Never use solvents
such as benzine or
alcohol to clean the
Depending on the conditions of the
recording equipment or the CD-R/
RW disc itself, some CD-R/RW discs
cannot be played on the unit.
Do not attach any seal or label  to
either side (the labeled side or the
recorded side) of a disc.
Do not use irregularly shaped CDs
(e.g., heart-shaped or octagonal). It
may result in malfunctions.
Do not stick paper or tape
etc. on the surface.
Do not expose the disc to
direct sunlight or excessive
This unit cannot play 8 cm
disc (use 12 cm disc only).
Product Specification
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