2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Navigation Manual

Cannot identify the current location.
(GPS not receiving)
There is a difference between the driv-
ing road and the road on  the map in
the product.
Even though GPS is usually very  accu-
rate, there is a small margin for  error.
When the GPS receiver is installed,
there can be an error of about  10m. But
for newly built roads, the problem could
come from the data update to the  map.
• When driving through the mountain or
where the road is too curvy.
When the starting, passing and arriv-
ing locations are too close within 1km.
When you have set the starting, pass-
ing or arriving location more than 1km
away from the road.
GPS cannot be used indoors and must
be connected to a power source with
ACC in a vehicle in a location where
the signal from the sky can be  received
When initially connecting the GPS, it
usually takes about 10 minutes to be
working normally, but the connection
speed can differ depending on the
weather condition, and surrounding
When driving through the tunnel.
Map matching
As mentioned, the GPS systems used
by this Navigation System are suscep-
tible to certain errors. Their calculations
may on occasion place you in a  location
the map where no road exists. In  this
situation, the processing system under-
stands that vehicles travel only on roads,
and is able to correct your position  by
adjusting it to a nearby road. This is
called map matching.
Cannot see the map.
Perhaps you cannot see the map even
when you have executed the navigation
This happens when the data within the
memory is damaged. Delete all  the
data in the memory and  install the data
again. If the issue persists after installa-
tion, contact the A/S center.
If the GPS connection is unstable for  a
long period of time, try  the following.
Check if the product is connected to  a
power source.
Check if the back of the GPS  product
is in a location where the sky  can be
seen well.
If there are high buildings or  if you are
under a tree, move to a location  where
there aren’t any obstacles.
The path guide can be different from
the actual path. (Path guide error)
When the road is closely parallel.
When the splitting road angle is very
With map matching.
With no map
Cannot hear the voice guide.
The volume is not set correctly, or it is
turned off. Adjust the volume of voice
When there is an adjacent road when
When driving on a road that is  narrow-
ing fast.
How to update the navigation map and
To update the navigation map and soft-
ware, visit the site (http://www.naviga-
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