2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Navigation Manual

CD/MP3/WMA/USB/iPod operation
Setting audio book play
• [Audiobook Fast]:
USB device requirement
Plays the audio books with fast
[Audiobook Slow]:
Plays the audio books with slow
• This unit supports only USB Flash Drive
and USB External HDD with FAT16 or
FAT32 format.
• Do not extract the USB device during
operation (play, etc.).
Setting the play speed only affects
audio books purchased from the iTunes
store or audible.com.
For details about iPod, refer to the  iPod
User Guide.
Regular back up is recommended to
prevent data loss.
If you want to move to the playlist
screen, touch      .
• If you use a USB extension cable or
USB HUB, the USB device may not be
Touch [Option] when you listen to
songs/ chapters in the [Audiobook].
Some USB devices may not work with
this unit.
Digital camera and mobile phone are
not supported.
This unit is not supported when the total
number of files is 10000 or more.
Touch [Audiobook] repeatedly.
Compatible USB devices
Devices which require additional pro-
gram installation when you have con-
nected it to a computer, are not sup-
MP3 player: Flash type MP3 player
The MP3 player requiring installation of
a driver is not supported.
[Audiobook Normal]:
Plays the audio books with original
• USB Flash Drive: Devices that support
USB2.0 or USB1.1 .
• You can check the USB compatibility list
on the web-site (http://www.navigation.
Product Specification
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