2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Navigation Manual

Bluetooth wireless technology
To connect using the unit
settings (2)
To connect using the phone
Your phone’s Bluetooth feature may
be set to off by default. To use  the
Bluetooth feature, Bluetooth must be
turned on in your phone. Refer to  your
phone’s user guide.
5.  Input the passkey  (Default: 0000)
showed on the screen in your phone
when the pop-up screen is dis-
played on the screen.
When it is successfully connected,
the [Bluetooth] screen appears on
the screen.
on the control panel.
Press [Search for Bluetooth
Enable the phone’s Bluetooth
component. This might be in a
menu called Settings, Bluetooth,
Connections, or Hands-free.
Press [    ] > Touch [Bluetooth] >
[External Device Authorization].
It works the same as the wired head-
set for mobile phone. The headset
functionality is for telephone conversa-
tion. It is not for listening to  music.
• Unlike the hands-free functionality,
Headset connection will allow only two
functions “answering calls” and “mak-
ing a call from the latest call”.  Also the
caller’s number is not displayed when
answering calls.
Follow steps 4-5 on the page  39.
If you want to cancel, touch [Cancel].
If you touch
on the control panel
again after connected via Bluetooth
wireless technology, the Bluetooth main
screen appears on the screen.
3.  Initiate a  search for Bluetooth
devices. These settings might be
located in a menu called Bluetooth,
Connections, or Hands-free.
If connecting through a Bluetooth
phone, the hands-free connection or
headset connection may not operate
depending on the type of  the phone.
Select the your device from the list
of phone.
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