2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Navigation Manual

Bluetooth wireless technology
Understanding Bluetooth
wireless technology
Connecting your unit and
bluetooth phone
4.  Touch a bluetooth  phone you desire
from the “Bluetooth Devices” screen.
Bluetooth wireless technology establish-
es a wireless link between two  devices,
such as your phone and the unit.
The first time you use two devices
together you must connect them by
establishing a relationship using a PIN
code. After the initial connecting, the
two devices can connect automatically
each time you turn them on.
To connect using the unit settings (1)
on the control panel.
2.  Touch [Bluetooth].
Input the passkey (Default: 0000)
showed on the screen in your phone
when the pop-up screen is dis-
played on the screen.
When it is successfully connected,
the Bluetooth main screen appears
on the screen.
There may be restrictions on using
Bluetooth technology in some loca-
3.  Touch [Search for  Bluetooth
Due to the variety of Bluetooth  phones
and their firmware version, your device
may respond differently when per-
forming over Bluetooth.
As difference in functional operation
by model is mainly resulted from fea-
ture of a hands-free phone, consult
manufacturer of a phone if you have
any question.
You can check the Bluetooth phone
compatibility list on the web-site
When it is not connected, the con-
nection failure message appears on
the screen.
If you want to cancel, touch
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