2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Navigation Manual

Basic operation
Selecting a source on the
control panel
Press MEDIA repeatedly to select a
The mode switches as follows.
CD t USB t iPod t AUX  t CD...
Selecting a source on the
Rear view camera (Optional)
With a rear view camera, automatic
switching to video from a rear view
camera is possible when the gearshift is
moved to REVERSE (R) position.
Rear view mode also allows you to
check what is behind you while driving.
You can select the source on the  screen
to make it operate according to your
particular needs.
Touch the source icon in the left
upward position when playing a
If a source is not connected to  the unit,
the source is not recognized.
When the unit is booted completely, the
guide line is displayed on the screen.
Touch the desired source.
The rear view camera function is to
use this product as an aid to  keep an
eye on trailers, or backing into a  tight
parking spot. Do not use this function
for entertainment purposes.
The object in rear view may appear
closer or more distant than in reality.
Please note that the edges of the  rear
view camera images may differ slight-
ly according to whether full screen
images are displayed when backing.
If a source is not connected to  the unit,
the source is not recognized.
Product Specification
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