2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Navigation Manual

CD/MP3/WMA/USB/iPod operation
MP3/WMA file requirement
iPod device requirement
• Compatibility with your iPod may vary
depending on the type of your iPod.
• Depending on your iPod’s software ver-
sion, it may not be possible to control
your iPod from this unit. We recommend
installing the latest software version.
• If you have a problem with your iPod,
please visit www.apple.com/support/
Sampling Frequency / 16 - 48  kHz
(MP3) 8 - 44.1 kHz (WMA)
Bit rate / within 8 - 320  kbps (MP3)
CD-R/CD-RW physical format should
be “ISO 9660”
-160 kbps (WMA)
If you record MP3/WMA files using
software which cannot create a FILE
SYSTEM, for example “Direct-CD”
etc., it will not be possible to  playback
MP3/WMA files.
• This system can receive analog sound
from the following iPod models.
- iPod touch 1th generation
We recommend that you use “Easy-
CD Creator” which creates an
ISO9660 file system.
Customers should also note that
permission is required in order to
download MP3/WMA files and music
from the Internet. Our company has
no right to grant such permission.
Permission should always be sought
from the copyright owner.
- iPod mini (1st/2th generation)
- iPod nano (1st/3th generation)
- iPod classic (4st/5th/6th generation)
• If content on the iPod is not played back
correctly, update your iPod software
to the latest version. For details about
updating the iPod, check the Apple web
site <http://www.apple. com>.
• Apple is not responsible for the opera-
tion of this device or its compliance with
safety and regulatory standards.
Product Specification
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