2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

Air grill for interior temperature sensor –
please keep clear and unobstructed
Select "Automatic programs" and press the
The current setting for air distribution is dis-
played on the Control Display.
A congenial climate
The AUTO program offers the optimum air dis-
tribution and air volume for virtually all condi-
tions, refer to AUTO program below. Now you
only need to select an interior temperature
pleasant to you.
The following sections contain more detailed
information on the available setting options.
Select the desired intensity and press the
Most settings are stored for the remote control
currently in use, also refer to Personal Profile
settings on page 31.
The marked intensity of the automatic
program is switched on.
AUTO program
Set the desired temperature indi-
vidually on the driver's and front
passenger side.
The AUTO program handles the
adjustment of air volume and air
distribution to the windshield and
side windows, in the direction of
the upper body and in the footwell.
The automatic climate control
adjusts this temperature as quickly as possible
at any time of year, if necessary with the maxi-
mum cooling or heating capacity, and then
keeps it constant.
It also adapts your instructions for the tempera-
ture to outside influences throughout the year.
The cooling function is switched on along with
the AUTO program. At the same time, a con-
densation sensor controls the program in such
a way that window condensation is prevented
as much as possible.
When changing between different tem-
perature settings in rapid succession, the
automatic climate control does not have suffi-
cient time to adjust the set temperature.<
In the highest setting you activate the maximum
heating output, regardless of the outside tem-
Intensity of AUTO program
You can adjust the intensity of the AUTO pro-
gram by repeatedly pressing the AUTO button.
The respective current setting is briefly dis-
played on the Control Display when the button
is pressed.
Adjusting temperature in upper body
You can also adjust the intensity of the AUTO
program via iDrive.
iDrive, for operating principle refer to page 16.
Press the button to display the current set-
ting on the Control Display.
Press the
This opens the start menu.
Move the controller to the left to open "Cli-
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