2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

Outside sensors
Carpets/luggage compartment
Sensors on the outside of the vehicle, such as
Park Distance Control sensors or radar sensors,
should be kept clean and free of ice to retain
their full function.
Carpeting, floor mats, and luggage compart-
ment rugs and paneling can be cleaned with a
vacuum or in the event of more serious soiling,
cleansed with an interior cleaner.
Floor mats and luggage compartment rugs can
be removed for cleaning. When inserting into
place, make sure that the seat rails do not pro-
trude over the floor mats; otherwise floor mats
can be damaged.
Interior care
Upholstery materials/cloth-covered
Fluff on new floor mats is a result of the produc-
tion process and can be removed by repeated
Clean regularly with a vacuum cleaner in order
to remove surface dirt.
In the event of more serious soiling such as bev-
erage stains, use a soft sponge or a lint-free
microfiber cloth in combination with suitable
interior cleaners. Follow the instructions on the
Plastic components inside
Clean the glass cover of the instrument panel,
imitation leather surfaces, lamp lenses, and
matte components with water and, if necessary,
a solvent-free plastic cleaner.
Clean upholstery material over a large
area extending out to the seams. Avoid
intense friction.<
Fine wooden components
Use a damp cloth to clean fine wooden trim
panels and components. Follow up by drying
with a soft cloth.
Open Velcro fasteners on pants or other
items of clothing can cause damage to
the seat covering. Make sure that the Velcro
fasteners are closed.<
Safety belts
Leather/leather-covered paneling
Do not use cleansers to clean the safety
belts since this can destroy the web-
The leather used by BMW is a high quality
natural product. Slight patterns in the
grain are part of the typical properties of a natu-
ral leather.
Inside sensors
Clean inside sensors such as those of the high-
beam assistant using a lint-free cloth moist-
ened with glass cleaner.
Dust and dirt from the road chafe in pores and
folds and result in considerable wear and cause
the leather surface to become prematurely brit-
tle. We therefore suggest that you clean the
leather with a dust cloth or vacuum cleaner at
regular intervals.<
Clean displays like the radio or the Control Dis-
play using a display-cleaning cloth or a soft,
nonabrasive lint-free cloth.
Particularly with light-colored leather, make
sure to clean it regularly since it has a greater
tendency to become soiled.
Avoid using excessive pressure when
cleaning displays; otherwise, you could
damage them.<
Treat the leather twice a year with a leather
lotion since dirt and grease harm the protective
layer of the leather.
Never use chemical-based cleansers or
household scouring products. Keep all
liquids away from the equipment. Otherwise
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