2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

Opening, closing
Closing without pinch protection
In case of danger from outside or if, for example,
ice on the window prevents normal closing, pro-
ceed as follows:
Pull the switch beyond the resistance point
and hold. The pinch protection system is
limited and the window opens slightly if the
closing force exceeds a certain value.
Pull the switch beyond the resistance point
and hold again within approx. 4 seconds.
The window closes without the pinch pro-
tection system.
Press switch to resistance point:
The window continues to open as long as
you keep the switch pressed.
Press switch beyond resistance point:
The window opens automatically. Pressing
the switch again stops the opening move-
Safety switch
You can close the windows in the same manner
by pulling the switch.
Separate switches for the rear windows are
located in the rear.
For information on convenient operation via the
remote control or door lock, refer to page 33
or 34.
With the safety switch, you can prevent the rear
windows from being opened or closed via the
switches in the rear passenger area, by chil-
dren, for example. The LED lights up when this
safety feature is activated.
For information on comfort closing with comfort
access, refer to page 39.
After switching off ignition
You can still operate the windows with the
remote control removed or the ignition
switched off for approx. 1 minute, as long as
neither of the front doors has been opened.
Always press the safety switch when chil-
dren ride in the rear, otherwise uncon-
trolled closing of the windows could lead to
Pinch protection system
If the closing force exceeds a specific value as a
window closes, the closing action is interrupted
and the window reopens slightly.
Electric glass sunroof*
The glass sunroof is ready for operation when
the ignition is switched on, refer to page 57.
Despite the pinch protection system,
inspect the window's travel path prior to
closing it, as the safety system might fail to
detect certain kinds of obstructions, such as
thin objects, and the window would continue
To prevent injuries, exercise care when
closing the glass sunroof and keep it in
your field of vision until it is closed.
Always take along the remote control when you
leave the vehicle, otherwise children could, for
Do not install any accessories in the range of
movement of the windows, otherwise the pinch
protection system will be impaired.<
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