2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

For mobile phones that do not automatically
change over to the hands-free mode:
Voice commands
Activating system
Depending on the mobile phone model used,
the conversation can be continued via the
hands-free system if necessary. Refer to the
display on your mobile phone and/or your
mobile phone's operating instructions.
Briefly press the
button on the steering
An acoustic signal indicates that you can
say commands.
Say the command.
From hands-free system to mobile
Ending/canceling operation by voice
When you telephone via the hands-free system,
you can also continue the call via the mobile
phone if necessary, depending on the mobile
phone model. Act according to what is shown
on the mobile phone display, refer to the oper-
ating instructions of your mobile phone.
Press the
button on the steering wheel
In dialogs where text is spoken, not a command,
e.g. a name, canceling is only possible using the
button on the steering wheel.
As an alternative, you can deactivate the Blue-
tooth link.
Having possible commands read aloud
Depending on your mobile phone model, poor
reception of the wireless communications net-
work can result in the system changing from the
hands-free system to the mobile phone.
The system understands default commands
that must be spoken word for word.
You can have the possible commands spoken
by the system at any point:
Operation by voice*
Using alternative commands
The concept
There are often a number of commands to run a
function, e.g.:
You can operate your mobile phone without
having to remove your hands from the steering
wheel. When making your entries, you will be
supported by announcements or questions in
many cases.
{Dial name} or {Name}.
The system recognizes digits from zero to nine.
You can say each digit individually or group
them into a sequence to accelerate the input.
The same prerequisites as for operation via
iDrive apply, refer to page 182.
Example: Dialing phone numbers
To start the dialog:
Press the
button on the steering wheel.
You say
The voice control answers
{Dial number}
{{Please say the number}}
e.g. {123 456 7890}
Depending on equipment:
123 456 7890. Continue?}} or
123 456 7890. And next?}}
{{Dialing number}}
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