2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

Press the respective button once per ventila-
tion level. The ventilation level appears on the
Control Display. The maximum level is supplied
when three LEDs are lit.
Folding mirrors in and out*
Pressing button 3 allows you to fold mirrors
in and out up to a speed of approx. 20 mph/
km/h. This is advantageous, for example, in
The air quantity is reduced and if need be, the
ventilation is switched off in order to reduce the
load on the battery. The LEDs remain lit.
car washes, narrow streets or for bringing mir-
rors that have been manually folded in back into
the correct position. Mirrors that were folded in
are folded out automatically at a speed of
approx. 25 mph/40 km/h.
To switch off: Press button longer.
The highest level is used for rapid cooling,
e.g. when the vehicle has become heated
Before going through a car wash, fold the
mirrors in manually, or with button 3, oth-
erwise they could be damaged, depending on
the width of the car wash system.<
Automatic heating
Exterior mirrors
Below a certain outdoor temperature, both
exterior mirrors are heated whenever the
engine is running or the ignition is switched on.
The mirror on the passenger's side is
more curved than the driver's mirror.
Objects reflected in the mirror are closer than
they appear. Do not estimate the distance of
following traffic based on what you see in the
mirrors, otherwise there is an increased acci-
dent risk.<
Tilting down passenger-side exterior
mirror – automatic curb monitor
Slide switch into the driver's side mirror
position, arrow 1.
Switching to the other mirror or to the auto-
matic curb monitor
Shift into reverse or move selector lever into
position R.
Folding mirrors in and out*
The mirror glass tilts downward somewhat
on the passenger's side. This allows the
driver to see the area immediately adjacent
to the vehicle – such as a curb – when park-
ing, etc.
Storing the mirror positions, refer to Seat, mir-
ror and steering wheel memory on page 45.
Adjusting manually
You can also adjust the mirrors manually by
pressing against the outer edges of their mirror
Slide switch into the passenger side mirror
position, arrow 2.
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