2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

Comfort closing
vehicle with the buttons on the remote control
or with a key. To start the engine following this,
insert the remote control in the ignition lock.
Hold a finger or the back of your hand against
the surface, arrow 2 or 3, but do not grasp the
door handle while doing so.
When unlocking or locking/comfort closing do
not simultaneously grasp the door handle and
touch the surfaces, arrow 2 or 3. Otherwise, you
may limit the function.
The windows and the glass sunroof* are
Watch during the closing process to be
sure that no one is injured. Removing the
hand from the door handle stops the closing
process immediately.<
Replacing battery
If the battery of the remote control is dead, a
message will appear in the Control Display.
Opening luggage compartment lid
Remove integrated key from remote con-
trol, refer to page 30.
Press the button on the luggage compartment
Remove cover.
lid. This corresponds to pressing the
If the vehicle detects that a remote con-
trol has been accidentally left inside the
locked vehicle's cargo bay after the luggage
compartment lid is closed, the lid will reopen.
The hazard warning flashers flash and a signal*
Switching on radio readiness
By pressing the Start/Stop button, you switch
on the radio readiness, refer to page 57.
Lay in new battery with positive side facing
When doing so, do not depress the brake
or clutch pedal, otherwise the engine will
start immediately.<
Press cover closed.
Return used battery to a recycling collec-
tion point or to your BMW center.<
Starting engine
You can start the engine or switch on the igni-
tion if a remote control is located in the interior
of the vehicle. It is not necessary to insert a
remote control into the ignition lock, refer to
page 57.
To prevent injuries, exercise care when
closing the windows and keep them in
your field of vision until they are shut.
Always take along the remote control when you
leave the vehicle, otherwise children could, for
example, operate the windows and injure them-
If you take the remote control with you when
leaving the vehicle with the engine running, a
warning lamp lights up. In addition, a message
appears on the Control Display. As long as no
remote control is detected, it is only possible to
restart the engine within approx. 10 seconds
after it is switched off.
The comfort access function may malfunction
due to local radio waves. Then open or close the
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