2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

Destination entry
In entering your destination you can select from
among the following options:
Entering a destination
Entering a destination manually, see below
The system's word matching principle makes it
easier for you to enter the names of streets or
towns, refer to page 137. This allows you to
enter different spellings and completes your
entry so that stored names can be called up
Entering destination via voice*, refer to
page 129
Selecting destination using information,
refer to page 132
Selecting destination from a list, refer to
Destination list, page 133
Change to upper field if necessary. Turn the
controller until "Navigation" is selected and
press the controller.
Selecting destination from address book,
refer to page 134
"New destination" is selected.
Selecting home address, refer to page 136
Press the controller.
After selecting your destination you can pro-
ceed to start the destination guidance, refer to
page 138.
You can also store a navigation destination on
the programmable memory buttons, refer to
page 22.
Enter data only when the vehicle is sta-
tionary, and always give priority to the
applicable traffic regulations in the event of any
contradiction between traffic and road condi-
tions and the instructions issued by the naviga-
tion system. If you do not observe this precau-
tion, you can endanger the vehicle occupants
and other road users.<
Select "Enter address" and press the con-
iDrive, for operating principle refer to page 16.
Press the
This opens the start menu.
Move the controller to the right to open
Select "Navigation" and press the control-
The Control Display shows:
The system also supports you with the follow-
ing features:
the arrow view or map view during destina-
tion guidance
If you do not enter a street, the system will
guide you to the downtown area of a town/
the destination list when destination guid-
ance is switched off
You can skip the entry of country and local-
ity if the current entries should be retained
for your new destination.
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