2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

When transporting on car-carrying trains,
by sea or on a trailer
Comparison with ordinary remote
When animals are to remain in the vehicle
You can control the functions mentioned previ-
ously with the comfort access or by pressing
the buttons on the remote control. Therefore,
please familiarize yourself with the information
on opening and closing beginning on page 30
Switching off tilt alarm sensor and
interior motion sensor
Press the
again as soon as the vehicle is locked.
button on the remote control
The special features when using comfort
access are described in the following.
The indicator lamp lights up briefly and then
flashes continuously. The tilt alarm sensor and
the interior motion sensor are switched off until
the next time the vehicle is unlocked and subse-
quently locked again.
Should a short delay occur when opening
or closing the windows or the glass sun-
roof, the system is checking whether a remote
control is located in the vehicle. Please repeat
opening or closing if necessary.<
Comfort access*
Comfort access allows you to access your vehi-
cle without having to hold the remote control in
your hand. It is sufficient to carry the remote
control with you, e.g. in your jacket pocket. The
vehicle automatically detects the associated
remote control in the immediate vicinity or in
the interior.
Comfort access supports the following func-
Unlocking/locking vehicle
Comfort closing
Grasp a door handle fully, refer to arrow 1, but
do not touch the surfaces, arrow 2 or 3 when
doing so. This corresponds to pressing the
Opening luggage compartment lid sepa-
Starting engine
Functional requirement
On the driver's door, touch the highlighted
surface, arrow 2, with a finger for approx.
The vehicle or the luggage compartment lid
can only be locked if the vehicle detects that
the remote control you are carrying is out-
side the vehicle.
second, but do not grasp the door handle.
On the remaining doors, touch the high-
lighted surface, arrow 3, with the back of
your hand for approx. 1 second, but do not
grasp the door handle.
The next unlocking and locking cycle is not
possible until after approx. 2 seconds.
This corresponds to pressing the
The engine can only be started if the vehicle
detects that the remote control is located in
the vehicle.
Please make sure that the ignition and all
electronic systems/consumers are
switched off before locking to save the bat-
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